The Grand Figure

It's been a busy few week since the weekend and a bit of dust to settle but time for an update.

After another successful year in the books, it gives us great pleasure to announce the 2023 Allstars weekend in Cardiff raised a massive £143,167.55! This figure even took us over £1 million since the event begun in 2008!

The total surpasses our previous best of £141,527.37 set from 2020/22 event.

We can’t thank you all Allstars enough for achieving this insane figure as well as friends, family and company sponsors who helped reach this total. Without your support, these figures are impossible!

 “We are lost for words for what has been achieved at Cardiff 23. The energy from all eight teams in terms of fundraising has been off the charts, and not only has it allowed us to raise a record amount of money, but ensured the event passed the million-pound mark. All of this is a result of everyone pulling together, and the collaboration between teams that we saw was incredible, and we can’t thank not only the players who put in a lot of time to organise everything that was seen prior to the weekend, but everyone who has supported all the events across the UK.

As a committee, we are eternally grateful to all the work the players do year in, year out in raising money for their respective causes, so a huge thank you to everybody whose contribute however small it maybe has resulted in the figure that has been announced today.

It was a great year for the event and the weekend hadn’t finished when we had players asking when registration is open for next years event or where it will be held. This is TBC at the moment, but more information will be released soon.

We look forward to 2024 and can’t wait to see the new fundraising ideas the players come up with.

Gareth, David, Kelly, James, Steve and Geraint.


Also, the campaign to raise funding for Defibrillators is still going strong with some updates that we will share in due course. We have been watching Craigs recovery and so glad to see it is going well.

The current raffle has 25 great prizes to be won. The Raffle

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